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The location of our territory, in the middle of the Tatacoa desert, PNNNH the Nevado del Huila National Natural Páramo, the Las Hermosas páramo and the Meridiano Páramo, this confluence of ecosystems generates unique conditions for agricultural development and much more for the activities of preservation and conservation of our mother earth.

Due to this panorama, since 2016 we began with a group of young bird watchers guided by experts from the department and the country, in 2020 we presented a proposal to the UNITED NATIONS MULTIDONOR FUND FOR THE SUSTAINABILITY OF PEACE IN COLOMBIA, to strengthen these groups of watchers and also include the indigenous population and PAZ signatories.

The awareness of conservation that has been achieved in the attendees is impressive, also because a large part of our territory was impassable due to the war and antipersonnel mine artifacts left in many areas of the region.

Today it is a new distraction, hobby, passion and way of life, BIRDS CONNECT US.

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