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Coffee growing in Planadas Tolima has been consolidated as a possibility of establishing alternatives for building peace at the local level, through the integration of the social actors of the territory in practices associated with coffee production.


For this reason, since 2018 the first edition of the Expo-Planadas fair has begun. The objective of which was to promote empowerment around the production of specialty coffee in the territory, through the establishment of a direct relationship between producers and buyers; the holding of the first championship for kids tasters, commercial stands and an academic agenda on current coffee topics.

Thus, thanks to the management of the Association of Organic Planadas Producers ASOPEP and in collaboration with the coffee company Lohas Beans, together with the support of the Canadian Association of Cooperatives (CCA) and other allies. This important fair was born, projected as a window from southern Tolima to the world.


Lina Castro first champion from the Kids 2018 tasters contest

Thanks to this fair, the first “Planadas Kids” 2018 coffee cupping championship emerged, in which children and young people between 10 and 15 years old belonging to the coffee training school participated: Building the future ASOPEP

The championship awards had financial support for the participants who won the first 3 places, as well as incentives for access to coffee-related processes such as participation in the national cupping championship – Special Expo Fair 2018.

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First place was awarded to Lina Castro, who, representing “ASOPEP”, won $500,000 in prizes, in addition to a trip accompanied by an adult to Bogotá to the final of the National Tasting Championship - ExpoEspeciales Fair 2018. Second place to María Victoria Hueje who, representing “Retación Directa” won $300,000 in awards and third place was occupied by Yordin Gonzales Ortiz, representing “Asoprocafé Orquídea” obtained $200,000 in awards plus a donation of $500,000 from the company “Retación Directa” ” to promote their participation in the “National Cupping Championship”.

Finally, the Expo-planadas activities were joined by the auction of specialty coffees in the categories: washed, semi-washed, natural and honey. In which different lots of coffee were evaluated according to their frequency, aroma, flavor, residual, acidity, body and weight in kilograms.


In its most recent edition, the Expo-Planadas 2019 fair continues its planning by linking the region's coffee union to new possibilities of expanding knowledge and production of specialty coffees in the region.

The installation of the event manages to bring together different special guests representing organizations such as: Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization ARN, the United Nations Multi-donor Fund for the Sustaining of Peace, the Territory Renewal Agency. ART, ASOCANAF - Association of producers of the Nasa Wes'x de Gaitania reservation, ASOMAPROSO - Association of women producers of the Oso village - Planadas, and the Canadian Cooperative Development Foundation - Embassy of Canada.


The event offered its platform for the Territorial Launch of the new coffee brand 'The Third Agreement' by Excombatientes. in Planadas – Tolima.

Additionally, the event includes a commercial agenda with more than 30 participating stands from companies linked to the specialty coffee value chain. Companies from Planadas, Ibagué and Neiva stood out. The photographic exhibition “Semblances of life” was held. A project to strengthen the coffee school “Building the future” supported by the United Nations multi-donor fund.

Finally, the awarding of the Special Coffees contest – Expo Planadas 2019, achieved a historic price in the municipality for the sale of 176 kilograms of coffee (Caturra variety, Lavado process) auctioned for the sum of $6,300,000. The winner was Dubier Orta, producer of Planadas, who achieved the best score among 98 lots that competed. Followed by Poul Kevin. Who competed with a Geisha variety coffee and obtained a score of (88.25) harvested at the “Mi Kava” farm, Municipality of Marcella Risaralda and third place went to Janier Rodríguez with his 360 kilos of washed process Caturra variety coffee, which obtained an evaluation of (87.88) points.

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