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The new knowledge gained by the association has allowed us to specify that the fundamental factor in the differentiation of producers is quality. Therefore, at ASOPEP we created a research group made up of associated producers and we dedicated ourselves to studying coffee with the support of experts.


Using a practical methodology we visit productive units, take samples together, to recognize productive difficulties and opportunities with crops. For example, analyze optimal ripening, learn about new process and transformation techniques, drying humidity, selection, roasting and tasting. The idea is for producers to experiment: smell, taste, feel the coffee they themselves produce. This allows ASOPEP producers to gradually strengthen their identity, their history and each one's coffee profile.

In a second stage we focus on advancing the implementation of what we learned through the support of the “CANUMA” technical team to the producers. Replications and dissemination of knowledge were carried out through practical knowledge exchange workshops in different member farms, providing guidance on principles that would allow monitoring the cup profile of the varieties of coffee trees grown on the associated farms (typical, red Geishas, Yellow Geishas, Yellow Bourbons and Red and Yellow Caturros among others). Starting from the implementation of new processes in the collection, benefit and drying stages. ASOPEP works to modernize and strengthen a new group of associates. 45 coffee producers benefited from the topics of fermentation processes, physical and sensory analysis and coffee preparation in different methods.

With the experience acquired, the strengthening of the School of Physical and Sensory Coffee Analysis for young coffee growers of ASOPEP was proposed as a strategy to support the reintegration process of the community of former FARC-EP combatants. and the exchange of knowledge with producers from the Nasa community. The strengthening of the school occurred especially in the areas of cupping, roasting, preparation and Barista, by the company Café y Procesos S.A, directed by Hernando Tapasco.

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