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The project steps, created and directed byASOPEP, consists of the restoration of pedestrian bridges in the different paths of the municipality of Planadas, which are in deterioration, or in the case of not having a bridge, its design and construction. Associates, families, and students from some rural educational institutions have benefited from this project, who had to cross bridges in unsafe conditions to reach the educational institutions.


For this project we have had the support of students from the University of Ibagué, who, through the Paz y Región program, have carried out internships in the association and have carried out the structural designs of the bridges. In the same way, we appreciate the support that clients have given us with donations to achieve this great project.

First Step, Second Step, Third Step, Fourth Step, Fifth Step, this is how we wanted to name the pedestrian bridges, which were built with effort and union, to benefit the producers of our region. Since Pope Francis visited Colombia in 2017 leaving us a great message:

“Dear brothers, I would like to leave you one last word: let us not stop at “taking the first step”, but rather continue walking together every day to meet the other, in search of harmony and fraternity. We cannot stand still."


The first step was inaugurated on December 10, 2017, in the village of La Armenia de Planadas Tol, after three (3) months of community work. The technical bridge that was built over the Brasil ravine had the objective of mitigating the risks of a possible accident that could happen to the members of the community, especially the children who travel to school every day. It was possible to benefit 52 peasant families, among the commercial allied cooperators Schluter, and Olam contributed part of the economic resources.

The second and fifth steps were built and inaugurated in December 2019, in the Cachichi ravine of the Cachichi village belonging to the municipality of Neiva Huila, where apart from carrying out the inauguration we were able to share and enjoy a warm Christmas atmosphere with the community of the sidewalk.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-24 at 11.03.31 AM.jpeg

The third step was inaugurated in the village of Marquetalia, on February 25, 2020, where in the middle of a long journey, we managed to redesign the bridge that connects with the Nueva Marquetalia educational institution, giving them the opportunity to cross a bridge in suitable conditions. , and that provides security

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