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The Audiovisual laboratory of the Construyendo Futuro_ASOPEP School, bets on the new peace narratives

The Construyendo Futuro_ASOPEP School, with great enthusiasm shares with all the friends and neighbors of the Planadas PDET territory, that we have undertaken a new line of knowledge and experiences focused on social communication for human development. From our new project: ITINERANT AUDIOVISUAL LABORATORY "RURAL LANDSCAPE, IMAGE AND TERRITORY"; from which we will visit different villages with the aim of disseminating and communicating the progress of the daily peace-building process that is forged from the initiatives and undertakings of young people and rural women in our municipality.

We have had the support of "Voces del Territorio", an initiative of the Government of Colombia, presented to the United Nations Multidonor Fund for the maintenance of Peace, led through the Colombia in Peace Fund, and executed by the International Organization for IOM Migrations.

We will support the dissemination of local initiatives that promote the construction of their own narratives from community work that strives to enhance the benefits and challenges of the process of building territorial peace; We will strengthen our technical capabilities in basic audiovisual principles focused on the strategic communication of local narratives that disseminate the achievements and challenges of the process of building peace and rebuilding the social fabric. In addition, we will develop community spaces to share our own experiences and initiatives, promoting the reconstruction of the social fabric, GBV prevention, coexistence, inclusion, as part of the benefits and progress of the territorial stabilization and peace-building process.

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