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Taking care of
Our Seeds

"Children are the seed of our future, sow love in their hearts and water them with wisdom"

Through the training of our children and young people, we ensure the generational connection that we love so much in our territory, we provide a space for playful training in all issues related to production and marketing, encouraging our seeds to observe the field in a different way; Overcoming the stigma of low productivity and peasant stagnation, we germinate in these generations the empowerment and appropriation  of each and every one of  the productive processes in family units, thus forming entrepreneurs of the agriculture


Our Field of Action

Our seeds are cared for and irrigated by the best professionals in the field of quality assurance, therefore, the training provided focused on each participant learning to know what their family business produces:


  • Cupping: our Q Grader cupper shares her knowledge of coffee so that our seeds fall in love with the fragrances and flavors of coffee.


  • Barista: the young people of our school BUILDING THE FUTURE expose their experiences and knowledge in the correct preparation of coffee-based drinks, in this way our seeds can replicate their knowledge at home.


  • Soccer: our seeds not only have fun, they also learn to perform physical exercise properly and improve technique and psychomotor coordination through sport.


  • Swimming: in the countryside there are very few scenarios for practicing sports, and even fewer for swimming, which is why we consider these lessons of vital importance in the life of our seeds.


  • Music: we consider art to be an important part of the germination process of our seeds, therefore, in music lessons our seeds make the first approaches to musical instruments and show their preference for them.

Our objectives

  • Promote in our seeds the appropriation of practices that ensure the quality of productions in family businesses.

  • Offer technical training alternatives to young people in the territory according to the job offer present in it.

  • Promote the peasant economy, from the concept of differentiated productions by quality in the family productive units.

  • Provide a safe space for recreation and sports to our seeds.

Our Financial Partners

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